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The Music & Medicine Initiative

Medical students typically excel in scientific fields, but many are also gifted musically. The Weill Cornell Medicine family includes musicians with a wide range of experience, from amateurs to conservatory-trained professionals. All share a passionate pursuit of the expression of beauty through music.

Musicians may turn to a career in medicine for a variety of reasons. But once becoming medical students, they often find that their passion for musical exploration seamlessly translates into the pursuit of medical knowledge. These students begin to think of their medical training as another form of art.

With this in mind, the Music & Medicine Initiative at Weill Cornell Medicine - spearheaded by Drs. David A. Shapiro and Richard Kogan, and supported by a generous gift from the Block Family Foundation - allows medical students to continue to enjoy their musical life. The program emphasizes continued academic excellence with the added opportunity for students to play music in order to balance their busy academic lives.

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